In Matthew 18:3-4 Jesus talks about being converted using a small child as the example of what one should be converted to. 

"Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.
Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

Convert means to become something other than what already is. Jesus is talking to adults and telling them the way to enter the Kingdom is to become as a little children.  He even tells them how to do it.  I believe He is saying to adopt childlike humility. 

Wanting to be the greatest in the Kingdom displays a pride that is inconsistent with true discipleship.  Simply put.  Humble yourself by giving up all self-effort to become great and let God make you great. 

Unfortunately the disciples were so preoccupied with thinking that Jesus was going to establish an earthly kingdom, they lost sight of the Gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus was revealing and releasing in their midst. 

It starts with the invitation of Abba Father to any and all to accept the Gift of Life. We must come to a place of accepting and receiving the forgiveness for sin.  Acknowledgement of our personal need is necessary for true conversion to begin. 

We make the choice to humbly bow to the process of becoming.  It requires repentance which is making the choice to completely change directions. The very life of the risen Christ takes up residence within us.  (This act of God cannot be grasped by our natural mind.  We accept it by faith).  When we do, we begin to get a sense this life in us (aka the Holy Spirit) is there to stay and He has no plans to change His position.   While our salvation is secure, we must yield to the Holy Spirit who knows exactly what needs to change in us for us to become like Jesus.  The process has begun.  How quickly transformation takes place is up to us. 

I know that anytime we are willing to ask for the Holy Spirit to search our heart and reveal anything that needs a tweak here and there He does. Sometimes it is just a gentle reminder of something we said or a reaction to something that didn’t quite bring honor to another or to God.  There have been many times for me that even though I didn’t exactly ask for a heart search, the still small voice of the Spirit spoke and I knew I needed to humble myself and repent. Then I needed to pray for wisdom to find the right way at the right time to cancel any dishonor with honoring the person and thereby honoring God.

~~~~From my ❤to yours~~~~Andrea