What Time Is It?

The clock in the picture is a work of craftsmanship.  My husband was the craftsman that made this beautiful School House Clock.  It is one of the many treasures he built for his family.  One night I was sitting quietly before the Lord and I heard Him ask, “What time is it?”  I thought it a strange question coming from the Lord, but of course my natural instinct was to look at the clock. As the pendulum swings back and forth making a quiet tick tock, I am reminded of how my husband enjoyed making treasures in wood. 

But the Lord had something to say so I picked up my journal and began to listen.  While we believe that God lives outside of time, He did place us in time.  So I began to do a study in the Word on time.  The first passage I pondered on was Mark 1:15.  “At last the time has come!” he announced.  “The Kingdom of God is near!  Turn from your sins and believe this Good News!” NLT.  This is the result of my study. 

There are several words translated time in the Bible.  The one used in this passage is kairos.  It carries the meaning of being the right or opportune moment and is used sixty-four times in the New Testament.   The second one I want to highlight is chronos which is used thirty-three times.  No less significant are nineteen other Hebrew or Greek words used numerous times.  

I don’t think anyone would disagree with me when I say that we all have the same amount of time.  Our time on earth each day is measured in seconds, minutes and hours all which adds up to twenty-four hours in each cycle before another day starts.  This chronos time. 

Unless you wear a watch like most people, the question, “What time is it?” is asked by many of us and often many times a day.  Having set myself free from wearing a watch, I am amazed at myself when I unable to see any clock (including PC and IPhone) that I can reasonably guess within ten minutes what time it is. 

Back to the fact that no one has any more time in a day than anyone else. It is the same for everyone and it marches on as the clock ticks and tocks.   Some of us require less sleep than others and perhaps that gives us more time awake to accomplish whatever beckons our attention each day.  We all choose what we do with time. 

Here is why I believe being more aware of what we do with our time is important.  The Bible exhorts us to be careful how we live making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.[1]  KJV says to redeem the time.  The word used in this verse is Kairos.  So in the midst of our chronos time, we need to seize the moments of kairos time.  When we are so focused on the ticking clock, we often lose the awareness of His gentle whisper wanting to give us a kairos moment.  It is these moments God speaks into us His purposes and His desires.  There are many more passages to explore on kairos time that could fill a whole book. 

I have come to believe that kairos time is related to rest in the sense of setting some time apart in our busy schedules to relax, have fun, get restored, or just find a cozy spot to snuggle into Father’s arms and listen.  This could be considered a time of Sabbath.  Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath.[2]  God wants us to spend some apart from the demands of the ticking clock.

Some of you will remember from years ago a television series called “Father Knows Best”.  I believe that my Heavenly Father knows best.  He knows me better than I know myself.  He knows when I when I get up and when I lie down.[3]  He certainly knows when I need some down time away from all the demands and stresses of life.  That is why we may need to take a look at His command to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.[4] 

I believe God wanted it to be a time set apart for our benefit of refreshing not a legalistic approach to avoid activity.   In the first months of my journey after the passing of my husband, the Lord kept whispering to me to rest.  It took a few times of hearing this before I understood that He didn’t mean to cease activity nor was He telling me to take a nap.  Of course, taking a nap can be considered a part of remembering the Sabbath, but it can also mean engaging in an activity that is soul restoring and pleasurable.

For some it might be spending time in the garden pulling weeds or harvesting.  For others it may be curling up before a cozy fire reading a book.  Talking a walk through the woods or along the beach might be your choice.  Just remember taking a break from the pressures of life is part of God’s plan for all of us.

I pray that you will find those kairos moments each and every day hearing Abba's voice speaking His Love to you and the plans He has for you.

~~~~From my ❤to yours~~~~Andrea