There is a difference between what is fact and what is Truth in a Biblical sense.    As believers we have access to Truth that overrides fact in many situations in life.  You may being facing a difficult situation in life that may be in the realm of sickness, financial lack, family upsets, and just the daily grind of life that doesn’t seem to improve or bring any sense of getting somewhere. 

I believe that facts can be proven true based on evidence.  For instance, every day in court rooms people are found guilty based on facts entered in as evidence of the crime committed. For the one on trial, based on the evidence, did the crime and it is true that the victim is dead.  We can then say facts proven are true.  This is in the natural realm of life on earth. So please understand, I am not discounting the fact that facts can be true.

However, I want to present that in the Kingdom of God TRUTH reigns over the natural realm.  Let’s say that you go in for a routine physical exam and the Dr. based on the test results, find facts that indicate you aren’t as healthy as you thought you were.  Perhaps he even names a physical condition that isn’t fatal, but he recommends a treatment plan. Let’s say he tells you that to prevent a heart attack you need to go on medication.  (I am not opposed to doctors or seeking medical attention.)  Now based on what you believe about divine health and the promises of God who has said in Psalm 103, He heals all our diseases, you have to make a decision.  Perhaps medicine is the right choice.  Perhaps choosing to seek God and let Him reveal another treatment plan of action with the Holy Spirit leading you into all TRUTH. 

I believe we can know a Biblical Truth, but unless we embrace it, our ability to fully believe it can be compromised.  Believing causes God’s Truth (What He Says) to become a part of who we are.  Embracing it means we hold it in our heart with arms of faith wrapped around it, keeping it close and never letting go of it.

There comes a time in our journey that we must walk by faith not by sight.  We must let Truth reign over facts that are only in the now.  God’s plan for all of us is in the Third Epistle of John.  Paul prayed, “Beloved, I pray that you may proper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”  Our soul prospers when it comes into alignment with our spirit which we place in subjection to the Holy Spirit.  The meaning of health in this passage is to be sound in body, in good health.  We get from the Greek root our word hygienic.  This means conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease.  Permit me to interpret this to mean when we walk in obedience and faith, we maintain clean hands and a pure heart that keeps in health.   

Jesus said, you shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free.  (John 8:32)

We believe it for salvation, let’s believe it for all the promises of God in Christ Jesus as we continue our journey to a glorious destiny He has planned for each of us.

~~~~From my ❤to yours~~~~Andrea