Beyond Our Control

Much of what happens to us in this life is beyond our own control.  We all face many circumstances along this journey through life.  Some lead us into a place that seems like a wilderness. Perhaps you feel like you are in the wilderness right now.

God is always a companion to follow through the wilderness.  Hold His hand tight and let Him lead you.  The way is not always a smooth path.  There are times we want to quit because the way seems more painful than we want to endure.  The place of His presence is right where you are at any moment in time.  While it seems like the place of wilderness is lifeless, stagnant, and empty, He is as much with you as when you are on the mountain top. Our soul often cries out in distress because it seems like such a desolate place.  Sometimes we feel like God has deserted us.

We need a focus shift. When we focus on our feelings we can’t experience His presence.  We need to change from the fixation of where our soul is focused and allow our heart to gaze on the beauty, wonder, and love of God.  Fixation simply means what we are fixed on. When we fix our eyes on Jesus we rise above the very circumstances and see from God’s view.

The wilderness for Jesus was a place of preparation for His ministry. Jesus showed us that God is always a companion to follow through the wilderness. What worked for Jesus will work for us as we turn our hearts, ears, and eyes toward God’ presence.  It takes time in quietness and meditation on the good things of God before we have an encounter that we won’t want to leave. Don’t ever think that God isn’t present in the wilderness.  He is always there.  Count on it.

Every circumstance provides us with opportunity to grow in the knowledge of God.  One day the Lord whispered to me in a gentle voice that I needed to rest.  I seemed to know He wasn’t telling me to go to bed. That may sometimes seem like the thing to do.  Who hasn’t felt like pulling the covers up and escaping the reality of life at the moment? Just make sure if you retreat by pulling the covers up over your head that you make it a secret place to draw on God’s grace and ask Him to show you the way.

When He spoke to me about rest, He didn’t mean from activity.  He really meant that I had to slow down my thoughts long enough to hear His voice, and find His hand so He could lead me through my wilderness of grieving so that I could embrace my new normal.  He wanted me to rest in Him.

He longs to love on us and in that, love brings healing.  While my body did need adequate rest from activity, it was important not to give in to any self-pity that would cause me to withdraw from everyday activity.  When I shifted my focus to what I know of God, there were streams of healing and refreshing in my wilderness.

I am not of the belief that God causes our circumstances to teach us something.  He doesn’t cause sickness and disease as a tool of learning, nor does He cause personal tragedy to change us.  There has been too much judging of one another in the Body of Christ when stuff happens.  While many things in life are beyond our control, I am fully aware that our choices create circumstances that play out good or bad. 

Falling for many of the lies of the enemy can lead us astray and we find ourselves in trouble.  But one thing I know for sure, God can always work all things together for good according to His purposes. (Romans 8:28)  We just need to be patient and trust Him for it.  It isn’t always the instant fix we would like.  We simply need to confess and take responsibility for making the wrong choice and God steps into the situation because He has said He is a very present help in time of trouble.  

Choices others make can have an effect on us. And often it makes life difficult for us.   At these times we need again to keep our focus on God trusting He will work out any adverse circumstance for good.  I know it is not always easy, but it is always best.  When we have no control over the situation, our best option is to give it to Him.  (From my book "I Am Love's Rose")

~~~~From my heart ❤to yours~~~~~Andrea