One day I had the thought about a term I heard way back when, "Be a Contagious Christian."  If I want to infect anyone else with anything it would be "heart burn".  Having a heart on fire means more than just words spoken about Jesus.  To me it means that I let my life be consumed with Him.  Sometimes we get so focused on todays demands that we loose site of why  we are here.  Ecclesiates 3:11 says that God has made everything beautiful for its own time.  He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God's work from beginning to end.

When the disciples were on a journey to Emmaus, Jesus joined them.  They were talking about everything that had happened. As the story goes, they didn't recognized Jesus and told Him all about what had happened to Jesus of Nazareth.  (Read the whole story in Luke 24:13-35).  I can hardley imagine what Jesus was thinking as He heard their account.  They invited Him to journey with them and when sharing a meal their eyes were opened and they recognized Him.  He then disappeared from their site and they said their hearts were burning within as they talked on the road.  HEARTBURN.  Did you catch it? 

So today I want to cultivate the beauty of eternity more in my heart by keeping the proper gaze of my heart instead of letting my soul get fixated on things of the earth.   I want my heart to burn with passion for the King and His Kingdom more and more.  Maybe we all need to cultivate the beauty of eternity in our heart more and more until it burns within. Then just maybe  we will become more infectious to others.  Maybe they will get heart burn and see the beauty of eternity in their hearts.  Maybe there will be a world wide epidemic of HEARTBURN.

~~~~From my ❤ to yours~~~~Andrea