Last spring I upgraded my smart phone.  It had a few more bells and whisles than my previous one.  I had added a passcode and all was going fine.  Then one day, I got locked out.  I tried over and over again entering the passcode.  I can be quite patient and determined to win over technology.   The battle continued into the evening and I was almost ready to give up and take it to my provider and let them fix it.  Then it came to me.  I was relentless and determined on my own to win the battle.  I hadn't thought to ask for wisdom and a little help beyond myself.  So I said a simple prayer and in faith I put in my passcode one more time.  WOW!  It worked.  Some might say it was just a coinsidence. . .but not me.  I had tried relentlessly more than two dozen times.

I thanked God and asked why did it work this time.  Through His gentle way, He let me know that if I could be so relentless trying to unlock my phone, then maybe I should be more relentless in my pursuit of Him.  Lesson learned.  So whenever we come up against a difficult situation, prayer works and maybe we should try it first and keep on believing that when we ask for help, we get it.


~~~~~From myto yours~~~~Andrea