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How often do we say "I can't remember?"  One thing I have observed in my own life (now I am considered a senior) is that I can remember what happened say fifty years ago easier than what I did in the last week. I know I am not alone in this because many of my friends have owned up to this also.  I have also observed a few many years younger that should also admit it.

Perhaps it is easier to remember the events in our lives both good and not so good that have significant impact. I'll bet if you stopped for a moment and remembered a very special event like your wedding or the birth of your first child, you could enjoy it again.  Memory can be a friend or an enemy.  Sometimes the unpleasant or very difficult events of life come flooding back and cause sadness, anger, or fear all over again.  In my life's journey I have come to embrace that no matter what I have experienced, God was there even when I didn't know Him. 

I have learned that I should always remember what great and mighty things God has done for His people throughout all history.

We quickly forget the blessings of yesterday in the face of today’s troubles.  We quickly lower our eyes and shift our focus off our faithful Father and our soul begins to gaze on our situation and circumstances.

In Psalm 78 God has recorded the plight of those who failed to remember His covenant with them.  Time after time He was merciful and forgave their sins.  Time after time they rebelled testing His patience.  Their forgetfulness of His goodness led them into severe troubles.  Again God rescued His people.  But here they were again testing His patience rebelling against the Almighty.  They turned their backs and refused to follow the principles of the covenant.

We clearly see that God got angry with a stubborn and rebellious people. Yet, God in His Love continued to forgive and gave them an inheritance.  But again His very own chosen people  tested His patience by turning their backs and lived a lifestyle like the unfaithfulness of their fathers.

One of the saddest verses of Asaph’s account is in verse 61.  “He allowed the Ark of His might to be captured; He surrendered His glory into enemy hands.” NLT.  No longer would Joseph’s descendants be the chosen tribe.  God chose the tribe of Judah.  He chose David and made him the shepherd of Jacob’s descendants.  All this was a part of His divine plan.  His was a plan that would save His people from sin and restore them back to His original design.  This was a plan that cost so much of Him that there was no way to measure the cost.  He created a New Covenant.

Today, we live under that New Covenant.  Is God the same God?   I believe He is.  Does He grieve over our rebellion? Do we test His patience?  I believe the answer is clear.  We do.  Yet, He loves and keeps on loving us no matter what we do or don’t do.  How does He continue to love a people who quickly forget who we are and why we are here?  I believe it is because He is Love.  It’s who He is and what He does.  He loves us unconditionally.  And we need to embrace that nothing can separate us from His love. *1

We must remember His mighty acts and reflect on who we are in Him and why we are here.  It’s all about God’s heart of love that continues to be relentless in His search for a people who will respond to His love with love. 

* Romans 8:38-39

~~~~From my❤to yours~~~~Andrea