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Even when storms of life interrupt plans, many find a way through)


Do you regularly let God interrupt you?  When in the middle of something and the Holy Spirit speaks into your heart what the Father is saying, do you respond by turning your focus from what you are doing to hear and heed the voice of God?  I began to think about passages where God interrupted what someone was doing. 

1 Samuel 16:7 reveals God’s interruption when the prophet was about to anoint Jesse’s oldest son as king. 

In Genesis 21 Hagar was crying out to God to spare her from seeing her son die.  God heard the boy’s cries and interrupted the moment by sending an angel to the boy to comfort him.  Then God opened Hagar’s eyes and she saw a well.  She immediately filled her water container and gave her son a drink.

 Don’t we all get so busy with things in this life and God has to interrupt us so He can redirect us to His ways?  I confess, I do.

Other examples that come to mind are Balam and his donkey.  What an interruption that was!  Then there was Peter on the roof praying and God interrupted him with an assignment. What about Saul on the road to Damascus? There are many more that tell us that God is in the business of interrupting our lives so we can be about His business. 

I can recall a time when I was focused on completing my soon to be daughter-in-love’s wedding dress when God interrupted me with a thought that I needed to get to the hospital to see my mother in law.  For just a brief moment I thought not now Lord. I need to get this wedding dress done. Then I sensed the urgency in the interruption and left the wedding dress spread out on the living room floor and headed to the hospital.  I arrived there just a short time before my husband got there on his way home from work.   Had I not gone, my husband would have been there alone when a stroke took his mother’s life.  We all thought she was going to get better and be at our son’s wedding.  Being present at the passing of a loved one from this life to the next is worth the interruption no matter what we are doing.  God is so faithful.  Our family had amazing Grace to say good-by to our dear loved one and in the same week receive and embrace our new member to the family at the wedding.  Both sorrow and joy can be experienced side by side when God is present. 

~~~~From My ❤ to Yours~~~~Andrea