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It is so easy to get overwhelmed by life on planet earth today.  Demands, options, and opportunities come at us from every direction.  They are found where we live, work, shop, and even at church. 

I think we would all agree that God never intended for us to live feeling stressed or troubled.  What would we benefit by embracing a simple lifestyle?  Perhaps we would find irresistible amounts of peace, beauty, and joy that comes from a loving God.

When we embrace simplicity, we will naturally slow down and learn that it is ok to say no.  We will learn that we can set healthy boundaries.  The quality of time with family will become more precious.  Even more so, the quality of time we spend with our Abba Father will become more precious and refreshing.   

Perhaps we may even rediscover the beauty of simplicity and be overwhelmed by God’s love.  It is not about a formula of ten steps or an outline that fits all. We are all at different places in life.  Therefore, we all need to allow Father to teach us how to embrace simplicity that He has purposed for each of all during this journey called life. I like to see simplicity as a gift that needs to be unwrapped and enjoyed each day.  The beauty of simplicity invites us to slow down and celebrate the priceless treasures we have been given in life.  Embracing simplicity doesn’t want to take anything away from us as much as it wants to give us a greater appreciation for the good things we already have. 

I have personally found that when I choose simplicity, I discover that I don’t have to live with less. I get to live with more of the best things in life.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is of Anna is Luke 2:36-38

Anna’s focus was to see the Messiah.  She was at a place in life where she could commit her life of prayer for the fulfillment of her heart’s desire.   This may not seem so simple for us today.  Not many of us are able to shelter ourselves away from daily life and spend it in the sanctuary of our church buildings.  But she lived a simple life of devotion with her focus on seeing the Messiah.  God rewarded her and she had her desire fulfilled.

God is willing to work with each of us.  As you set some time aside to embrace simplicity, let God reveal a way He would like to work with you to bring more of the beauty of simplicity into your life. 

~~~~From my ❤to yours~~~~Andrea