You may be wondering about this word as I was when it was the first word that went through my mind upon wakening.  Many of my posts here started that way when I began to realize that God was giving me one word to build on.  Even words that aren’t familiar or even in my vocabulary.  So of course, I googled it and here is what I discovered.

Innocuous has harmful roots - it comes to us from the Latin adjective innocuous, which was formed by combining the negative prefix in- with a form of the verb nocēre, meaning "to harm" or "to hurt." In addition, "nocēre" is related to the truly "harmful" words "noxious," "nocent," and even "nocuous."

So building on google information, I began to meditate on what was God revealing?  I began to think about the term “inoculate”.  From 1775-1982 North America suffered a smallpox epidemic.  Thankfully, it was eradicated by a vaccine.  But even today before doing international travel to some parts of the world, inoculation against diseases are still required.

Now let’s turn to how this can become a spiritual application.  I believe that we may need to be inoculated against something nocuous we have become infected by or should I say affected by spiritually. 

Synonyms for nocuous are adverse, damaging, dangerous, hurtful, injurious, harmful noxious, detrimental, and evil to name a few. 

Who hasn’t been affected in some way by something nocuous in our journey through life?

Most of us at one time or another have encountered hurtful and harmful words spoken to us or about us.  Some may have been damaged by abuse or found themselves in a dangerous situation created by someone else.  Experiences we’ve had could be considered nocuous to our wellbeing spiritually. 

But beloved the Good News of the Kingdom is Jesus brought a vaccine with Him and poured it out on the Cross for all. He came with Truth and Love of the Father to inoculate everyone against the continuing damage to our true identity. 

He imparted His life into everyone who has or will receive the Holy Spirit.  If we believe His Word, then we live in Him, we move in Him, and the very essence of our existence is in Him alone.  (Acts 17:28)

So perhaps we all have need to renew our minds by allowing the work of the Holy Spirit to transform us so that our thoughts line up with His thoughts.  (Romans 12:2)  The verse also says that we may then prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.  The word “prove” means to test and prove by practice in everyday life that His will for us is good and acceptable and perfect.  The more we practice, the more we find ourselves being unconformed to this world, and becoming more like who we were created to be . . . conformed to the image of His Son.  (Romans 8:28)

When we renew our minds by meditating on His Word, any toxic (noxious) thoughts are replaced with His Truth of who we are in Christ.   The more we embrace His Word, the more we become immune to the lies of the enemy who is out to rob, kill, and destroy our identity in Christ.

Let’s stop the epidemic of toxic lies meant to harm us by embracing all that Jesus did through His sacrifice on the Cross.  Jesus said, “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.  My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.” (John 10:10 NLT)

He gave it. . . .Now believe it. 

From my ❤to yours ~~~~Andrea