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Blue Ridge Mountains


The word long is used 211 times in the Bible and most often proceeded with “how”. How long indicates that there was a longing for something.  Most of the time the question referred to the time of waiting for God to show up and end the waiting time in regard to their pleas of “how long”.

The dictionary describes longing as a yearning desire.  Synonyms include pining, craving, hungry and thirsty.  This helped me to put into perspective what I posted in my journal section. (See last entry in the Journal section.)  There I share what I discovered what I was experiencing wasn’t sadness but more of a longing for the most significant event yet to happen when Jesus returns for His Bride and the fullness of His Kingdom on earth.

Sometimes what we are longing for is beyond our reach at the present time.  However, longing for Him and His Kingdom is a passion worth keeping.  The more we long for His appearing, the more we experience Him right here, right now.  In His presence here and now, we can encounter Him even beyond our expectations even though our feet are still on earth. 

Perhaps you are longing for a breakthrough in circumstances, a deliverance, or fulfillment of a promise or desire for something or someone. I think it is safe to assume that each and every one of us many times has cried “how long” and probably many more times have expressed it in the silence of our souls.

In Psalm 107, we read the account of the people’s praise and thanksgiving when the answer to “how long” before the appointed time of God’s response. In all their wanderings, I am sure they cried out “how long” before their deliverance and breakthroughs would come. 

They longed for a long time, but God heard, showed up, and their testimony of His goodness is expressed in verse 9.  “He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness.”

So beloved ones, let whatever you may be longing for find you in His presence with a passion filled with hunger and thirst and your soul will be filled with His goodness, and your spirit will soar to heights of joy! 

I can say with confidence we will find the most significant thing we long for is His appearing.  So we keep watch with longing for we do not know the day or hour of His return. (Matthew 25:13)  

~~~~~From my ❤to yours~~~~~Andrea