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“Blessed are the pure in Heart for they will see God.”  Matthew 5:8

I want to see God.  I am aware that God told Moses that no one could see Him and live.  But in In His teaching we commonly call the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus couldn’t have said it any clearer.  If our heart is pure, we will see God. 

Every day, we see God if we are looking for Him.  It is difficult not to see Him if we love Him.  We don’t have to play a game of hide and seek with Him because He is evident in all creation. (Psa. 19:1; Rom. 1:20)

The next time your desire to see God arises within you, take a walk outside and look at creation.  Perhaps you live in or near a wooded area.  Take a look.  How many kinds of trees do you see?  Ferns of all kinds grow like a blanket in the woods while underneath you’ll find tiny flowers. 

One day, my four-year-old granddaughter and I were walking down our long driveway through the woods to get the mail.  She stopped and reached down to pick a tiny flower. I hadn’t noticed it and later found them all through our woods. I searched my books on wildflowers and discovered it was Blue-eyed Grass and is the smallest of the Iris family.  These delicate flowers are as small as the tip of your little finger and breathtakingly beautiful.

You may be a beach lover and spend some time at the ocean picking up shells.  Each one represents a life form created by an awesome Creator.  They all possess their own unique beauty and purpose.  

I remember one morning in 1996 I was looking out the window at the sunrise. The sky was so beautiful with perfect clouds reflecting the rising sun.  My husband came up behind me and said, “Would you look at that sky.  God is into mauve.”  He was right.  The sky was breathtakingly beautiful with the sunrise.  You may think it strange that a man would recognize the color mauve. Let me explain. Just the day before we had a conversation about paint colors to use.  He had said that God must have inspired the John Deere Company on the colors to use for their tractors.  He told me that God loved the colors green and yellow by pointing to the lawn he was about to mow.  The lawn was a luscious green and dotted with bright yellow dandelions.

The point I made was that I didn’t want to use bright green or yellow in our decorating scheme. I wanted to use the hues of mauve. He got me that day as he laughed. I cherish the sound of his in laughter in my memory every day.  Reflecting on that moment and the wonderful life we had together gives me comfort to continue this journey.  Special moments are worth reflecting on. (My hubby and best friend passed in 2009) 

You will even find evidence of God along any black top road.  Look along the edges and you will find a few blades of grass poking their way up through the thick dense tar and gravel to find its way to the light of God’s warming sun.  If such a tiny blade of grass can overcome the obstacle of black top, how much more can we overcome any darkness?  

There is a dimension of seeing God that goes beyond our ability to see God in creation that exists all around us.  Moses saw God in a supernatural encounter with a burning bush.

We later find him seeking to see God’s glory before leading the children of God out of Egypt. The passage speaks of the Promise of God’s Presence. (Ex. 33:12-23)

I continue to want to experience more of His manifest presence.  I know that He is Omnipresent meaning He exists everywhere in everything.  Like many, I have on occasion, encountered His glory (manifest presence), but I want more. 

So how can we have a pure heart?  I believe that purity comes from sustaining a spiritual connection with God.  Our relationship to Him deepens as we commune with Him.  When we open our heart to Him, He listens.  When we listen, we will hear Him speaking to us.  That’s what I believe spirit to Spirit communion is.   

One day while I was reflecting on how a pure heart would see God, I had these thoughts come.    Perhaps seeing God depends on character.  If our heart is pure, then our outward actions and words we speak will also be pure.

(Matthew 12:33-37; Luke 6:43-45) 

None of us can change our heart. Evident and lasting change only comes from the work of the Holy Spirit within us as we yield ourselves to Him in His presence.

~~~~~From my  ❤  to yours~~~~Andrea