Here are a few phrases commonly used referring to “Mindset”.


My mind is made up, be mindful, set your mind, state of mind, change of mind.


According to the dictionary, mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone.  And attitude means a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.  

Mindsets are our memories which have emotions attached.   This produces attitudes which influence our perceptions.  What we think about something or someone forms opinions that may or may not be consistent with truth.    

So perhaps the most significant phrase listed above for believers is “set your mind” and what we should set it on. 


Colossians 3:1-2 couldn’t be any clearer. 

So, if you have been raised with the Messiah, seek what is above, where the Messiah is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on what is above, not on what is on the earth.”  HCSB

From the Passion Bible – “Christ’s resurrection is your resurrection too.  This is why we are to yearn for all that is above, for that’s where Christ sits enthroned at the place of all power, honor, and authority.  Yes, feast on all the treasures of the heavenly realm and fill your thoughts with heavenly realities, and not with the distractions of the natural realm.”

The other phrases can certainly fit into our daily life if we have set our mind on the things of Christ and His Kingdom.  Our mind can be made up on who Christ is and who we are in Christ.  If we waver on that then we can ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and insight to change our mind in sync with the mind of Christ.

Romans 8:5-7  “For those who live according to the flesh think about the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, about the things of the Spirit. For the mind-set of the flesh is death, but the mind-set of the Spirit is life and peace. For the mind-set of the flesh is hostile to God because it does not submit itself to God’s law, for it is unable to do so.” HCSB

Verses 6-7 in the Passion Bible says, “For the mind-set of the flesh is death, but the mind-set controlled by the Spirit finds life and peace. In fact, the mind-set focused on the flesh fights God’s plan and refuses to submit to his direction because it cannot!”

Romans 6:11-14says “Likewise you also, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Therefore, do not let sin reign in your mortal body, that you should obey it in its lusts. And do not present your members as instruments of unrighteousness to sin but present yourselves to God as being alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God.  For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace.” NKJV

 (The flesh and it works are further explained in Galatians 5:16-21.)  

So, what do we do about the flesh?  Paul said in Galatians 2:20 that he was crucified with Christ.  Grace gives us the same standing in Christ when we yield to the Holy Spirit.  

As stated by O. Chambers “The counterfeit of obedience is a state of mind in which you work up occasions to sacrifice yourself; ardor is mistaken for discernment. It is easier to sacrifice yourself than to fulfil your spiritual destiny, which is stated in Romans 12:1–2.”

Romans 12:1-2Therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, I urge you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God; this is your spiritual worship.

Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.” HCSB

So, let’s be clear minded about our position.  We have been crucified (the old nature and its deeds) and now alive to become who God created us to be.  Our part is to remember what Christ has done and what our part is. 

We are to set our mind on things above and not be governed by thoughts that produce attitudes and behaviors of the flesh.  They have no place in the life of the believer. 

Perhaps it is time to change our way of thinking and have a mindset pleasing to God.

~~~~From my ❤to yours~~~~Andrea