Between the pandemic and the upcoming elections, it has become near impossible to know the truth of what is being presented. 

I cannot remember a time in my lifetime where there has been so much chaos regarding what is truth.  Every day we are being inundated with information on the news and on social mediated.

Most of us who have spent more time in our own homes than ever before are asking what the truth is. There are even several websites and groups committed to research out a claim and finding fact or fiction. Searching it out for yourself is a good thing to do before passing it on or reposting it. 

Ever since the pandemic hit, that question has been asked by many of us.  “What is the truth in all of this?”  Is it really as bad as the experts say it is?  We ask because there is so much being reported on a 24/7 basis the numbers of cases and deaths because of Covid19. 

How do we sort out all the reports on the news?  How do we discern all the speculations and conspiracy theories being spread in abundance?  Can we have a conversation with anyone without the topic being Covid19 or the more recent protests? 

“A necessary aspect of hearing truth is refusing to hear lies.  Pray for discernment with authority.”  Chris Tiegreen 

In John’s Gospel Chapter 18 we have the account of the betrayal and arrest of Jesus.  Being led by the betrayer, the captain of the soldiers and the Jewish officers bound Jesus.  The interrogations continued throughout the night as they began to hand him back and forth to find something that they could validate their scheme to have him murdered. Since the Jews could not put someone to death without just cause, they passed it off to Pilate to condemn Jesus to death. 

As Jesus stood before Pilate, he asked what the charges against him were.  Then Pilate asked Him if he were the King of the Jews.  He continued to interrogate Him wanting to justify the accusations the Jews brought against Him.  Jesus replied by asking Pilate if it was his question, or did others tell you about me?

I find this a remarkably interesting reply.  In other words, is Jesus asking Pilate if he had observed Jesus firsthand in His ministry of the Kingdom of God.  Had Pilate witnessed the miracles?  Did Pilate come to his own conclusion about what he had been told about Jesus by coming face to face with Jesus?

Pilate responded with more questions.  Why? What have you done? As the dialog continued, Jesus responded with His main mission in mind.   He proceeded to talk about The Kingdom of God.  His Kingdom!  Not of this earth!  Then He went on to tell Pilate why He was born.  He came to testify to the Truth.  Then Pilate asked Him what is truth?

Many of us are asking what is the truth in all this chaos?  We may never know for sure.  One thing I do know for sure is that God is still sovereign.  None of this chaos has taken Him by surprise.  I also know that He has not caused it, but continually works in lives to get all to recognize eternal Truth. 

Just as the main assignment that Jesus came with was to preach the Kingdom of God, I believe ours is the same.  God’s intention is still that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  We are His ambassadors to His Kingdom and live Truth.  We have been assigned to RE-PRESENT Jesus to those around us.  We can only do that by letting Him have the rightful place in our lives as Lord and King.  We must live Truth in every aspect of our lives.  Only then will people see Jesus in us.  He will be glorified, and His glory will shine through all the chaos!  

Those who know God could give Pilate the answer to his questions.  He asked Jesus if He were the King of the Jews?  My answer is He is the King over all creation, all humanity, and His Kingdom is not of this world.  

Pilate asked what is truth?  My answer is not what but who.  Jesus is.  He Himself said that He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life! 

I need to spend more time in the Secret Place letting God reveal His ways to me.  I need to worship Him for who He is knowing that He delights in my worship.  Not because He needs to be validated, but His delight in me validates me. 

Worship is not an activity.  It is a lifestyle.  Making Jesus our main focus will determine how we make Him, and His Kingdom known.  John 14:15-24

If we absolutely love the Lord our God, our lives will be a path of obedience.  Keeping all that Jesus taught – His words – they are Spirit and Life.  The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and He leads us into Truth.  All Truth points to Jesus.  He is TRUTH.

When we accept what TRUTH is, we can more clearly hear His Voice.  We must always reconcile our concept of reality to His Word.   

I may never know what the truth is in the midst of this pandemic, but I know for sure how I can live in THE TRUTH. I am convinced that the only way to handle the chaos in the world is to live the life in the Spirit that Jesus gave me.  I in Him and He in me. 

~~~~From my  to yours~~~~Andrea